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  • Traditional Stone House

    Stone House – The Environmentally Friendly Habitat

    Stone houses are environment friendly structures that display an aesthetic sense of its owner. Easily available, stone can be considered as one of the most durable construction materials with a wide range of texture options.

    In ancient times, various civilizations made use of stone to build their houses. This was because stone was probably the only available building material excluding mud and trees. Even in the modern era, eco-friendly houses have gained immense popularity because of their magnificent properties. Houses constructed with the help of stones are capable enough to resist fire, wind, water as well as various insects including termites.

    Some stone houses provide a natural, unique appearance that reminds one of the European castles.

    To avail the maximum benefits of these artistic constructions, it is suggested to use durable stones such as granite and avoid stones the wear down over time, such as limestone. Furthermore, purchasing of previously chopped stone is a wiser alternate to escape from the time consuming and laborious phase of stone cutting. However, the top suited stone for home construction is one, which is available in the respective local area so that transportation does not become an issue.

    Sustainability and durability adds an extra spark to the elegance of these stone homes without costing much for maintenance and care. There are many historical examples to speak about sustainability of simple yet graceful stone houses where they have witnessed many centuries.

    Pyramids, made up of stone, attributed to be a one of the beautiful creators, across the world, are best examples to display stone’s strength. Various historical stone buildings, especially constructed following the European-style stone houses have been around for thousand years and will probably remain the same for centuries.

    Beside environmentally friendly abilities, stone homes also deserve a round of applause for their natural beauty that does not demand any painting or siding. In addition, the stone homes are comfortable nests and if constructed with passive solar design, they have ability to store heat within its walls. The absorbed heat is likely to radiate throughout the house, all night, creating a cozy and warm environment for the users. Above all stone homes are easy to clean and can be washed with simple water.

    Proper planning as well as availability of a construction expert plays an important role to maximize stone home benefits. Furthermore, it is crucial to choose a quality stone along with proper technique to assemble them. It can be seriously harmful to choose an inferior quality stone that is not strong enough to support the required weight.

    In spite of an array of benefits, the stone home owner also faces some difficulties with them. Customization is one such issue. For older homes, replacement of stones may present a particular challenge.

    Some expensive stones, commonly used for flooring, including tiles may be cold and very hard under foot. It’s not recommended to use softer stones because they are prone to strains, moisture and scratches.

    All in all, however, the owners of stone homes are generally happy with the strength, durability, security, energy savings, environmental soundness and natural beauty of these structures.

  • What to coin Episkopi

    Things to do in the area of Episkopi

    Although Episkopi is a small village, there are a few things to do and see in the area. Among them are:

    The rock of Episkopi
    The halmark of Episkopi is its rock. This is a huge rock / cliff which is used by protected birds to nest.

    The ancient church
    The village has a very old church, well worth a visit

    Tsada Golf Club
    For those who love golf, the Tsada Golf Club is a mere 5-6 minutes drive away.

    A visit to the Enviromental Center
    It is an interesting place to visit, offering a lot of information about the flora and fauna of the area, as well as about the geologicalstractures of the area. Around the center, there is a botanical garden with the most significant plants of the area. The center facilities include a screening room where you can see a short film about the flora and fauna and an exhibition room with many interesting exhibits.

    Nature trails
    There are two nature trails which you can walk.

  • About Episkopi paphos

    About Episkopi

    Episkopi is a small village north – east of Paphos town, about ten minutes drive away. It is a village in green surroundings which keeps its traditional style and charm and, because of this, it has become a favourite destination for agrotourism. There are many traditional houses that have been restored for this. Anyone looking for holidays in a serene and tranquil environment, will find him / her self in the ideal place here.
    At the same time, because of its proximity to everything, wll not make you feel cut off of anything. Kato Paphos tourist area is ten kilometers / ten minutes drive away, Paphos town is about eight kilometers / less than ten minutes drive away, while the famous Coral Bay beach is about 20 kilometes / less than 20 minutes drive away. Other beautiful sandy beaches in the area of kato Paphos are about ten minutes drive.
    Although it is recommended to hire a car, there is a bus connecting Episkopi with Paphos town, Kato Paphos tourist area and the rest of Paphos area. The bus passes from Episkopi every thirty minutes, but the last route is at around three in the afternoon.
    The climate of Episkopi is beautiful, not very hot and dry in the summer, with excellent cool nights when you can really enjoy the quiet evenings, away from noise, just hearing the occasional caw of a night bird.
    Our villa / traditional house is equipped with everything you will need to prepare the meal for you and your family, however for that day you feel lazy, the traditional coffee house at the center of the village prepares light meals like sandwitches and a few times a week “ofto”, a very tasteful goat meat baked in a wood oven for many hours – something you should definιtely try.
    Paphos area is the western part of Cyprus. Because of its natural beauties, ancient history and monuments, many sightseeing and things to do Paphos is a very popular tourist destination with hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting it every year.

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